Expecting parents' perceptions of the digital parental support "childbirth journey" constructed as a serious game-an intervention study.

Bäckström C, Rolfson T, Engström H, Knez R, Larsson M

Digit Health 8 (-) 20552076221097776 [2022-05-16; online 2022-05-16]

The aim of this study was to explore expecting parents' perceptions of the Childbirth Journey as an intervention that includes medical information for parental support, constructed as a serious game. In this qualitative study, semi-structured interviews were held with expecting parents in Sweden who were able to talk about specific parts of the Childbirth Journey they appreciated or found difficult to understand. A phenomenographic methodology was employed for data analysis. Participants perceived the Childbirth Journey to be easily accessible and customized with reliable information. The design and features of the intervention were perceived by the expecting parents to enhance the intervention's usability, appeal, and trustworthiness. When parental couples used the Childbirth Journey together, it gave them an opportunity to discuss and better understand each other's situation. The participants proposed several changes to the existing version of the game, mostly related to extending practical information and illustrated scenarios but also to the further development of the game's design and animations. The participants found the Knowledge portal to be the most appealing part of the Childbirth Journey. The Childbirth Journey intervention was concluded to be a valuable digital complement to in-person professional support, especially given the current COVID-19 pandemic restrictions in place in Sweden, which do not allow antenatal visits by partners. However, in its current form, the Childbirth Journey has some deficiencies and would therefore benefit from further development and exploration.

Category: Health

Type: Journal article

PubMed 35603330

DOI 10.1177/20552076221097776

Crossref 10.1177/20552076221097776

pii: 10.1177_20552076221097776
pmc: PMC9118415

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