Covid-19 Publications

This is a database of publications on SARS-CoV-2 and COVID-19 where at least one author is affiliated with a Swedish research institute. The database is curated manually. The full dataset of publications displayed in this site is available for download and use for other purposes. The dataset contains bibliographic information, abstracts, categorization into scientific fields, and manually curated links to the shared data related to each publication. Please see DOI: 10.17044/scilifelab.14124014 for details.

The 20 most recent publications

Operational challenges and mitigation measures during the COVID-19 pandemic-Lessons from DELIVER.
Bhatt AS, Lindholm D, Nilsson A, ..., McMurray JJV, Solomon SD
Am Heart J 263 (-) 133-140 [2023-09-00; online 2023-05-21]
The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on adverse fetal outcomes: A cross-sectional study
Dagelić A, Mulic E, Kuzmic Prusac I, Zekic Tomas S
- 102 (21) e33887 [2023-05-26; online 2023-05-26]
Insomnia and job stressors among healthcare workers who served COVID-19 patients in Bangladesh.
Rahman F, Dalal K, Hasan M, ..., Rahman ML, Hossain Hawlader MD
BMC Health Serv Res 23 (1) 523 [2023-05-23; online 2023-05-23]
The risk for celiac disease after Covid-19 infection.
Lexner J, Lindroth Y, Sjöberg K
BMC Gastroenterol 23 (1) 174 [2023-05-22; online 2023-05-22]
Detoxified synthetic bacterial membrane vesicles as a vaccine platform against bacteria and SARS-CoV-2.
Park KS, Svennerholm K, Crescitelli R, ..., Farewell A, Lötvall J
J Nanobiotechnology 21 (1) 156 [2023-05-19; online 2023-05-19]

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