Covid-19 Publications

This is a database of publications on SARS-CoV-2 and COVID-19 where at least one author is affiliated with a Swedish research institute. The database is curated manually. The full dataset of publications displayed in this site is available for download and use for other purposes. The dataset contains bibliographic information, abstracts, categorization into scientific fields, and manually curated links to the shared data related to each publication. Please see DOI: 10.17044/scilifelab.14124014 for details.

The 20 most recent publications

Cross-continental comparative experiences of wastewater surveillance and a vision for the 21st century.
Perry WB, Chrispim MC, Barbosa MRF, ..., Montagner C, Durance I
Sci Total Environ 919 (-) 170842 [2024-04-01; online 2024-02-08]
(Over)crowded house: exploring asylum seekers' experiences of the COVID-19 pandemic while living at accommodation centers in Sweden.
van Eggermont Arwidson C, Holmgren J, Tinghög P, Eriksson H, Gottberg K
BMC Public Health 24 (1) 622 [2024-02-27; online 2024-02-27]
Lung impedance changes during awake prone positioning in COVID-19. A non-randomized cross-over study.
Rosén J, Frykholm P, Jonsson Fagerlund M, ..., von Oelreich E, Fors D
PLoS One 19 (2) e0299199 [2024-02-21; online 2024-02-21]
The α-dystroglycan N-terminus is a broad-spectrum antiviral agent against SARS-CoV-2 and enveloped viruses.
Bigotti MG, Klein K, Gan ES, ..., Brancaccio A, Yamauchi Y
Antiviral Res 224 (-) 105837 [2024-02-20; online 2024-02-20]
Trajectories of mental health outcomes following COVID-19 infection: a prospective longitudinal study.
Badinlou F, Rahimian F, Hedman-Lagerlöf M, ..., Abzhandadze T, Jansson-Fröjmark M
BMC Public Health 24 (1) 452 [2024-02-13; online 2024-02-13]
Neurological involvement among non-hospitalized adolescents and young adults 6 months after acute COVID-19.
Havdal LB, Selvakumar J, Lund Berven L, ..., Holmøy T, Wyller VBB
Front Neurol 15 (-) 1345787 [2024-02-07; online 2024-02-07]

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