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The characterization of CD8+ T-cell responses in COVID-19.
Yang Y, Miller H, Byazrova MG, ..., Zhai Z, Liu C
Emerg Microbes Infect 13 (1) 2287118 [2024-12-00; online 2024-01-11]
Category: Biochemistry Category: Health
Cross-continental comparative experiences of wastewater surveillance and a vision for the 21st century.
Perry WB, Chrispim MC, Barbosa MRF, ..., Montagner C, Durance I
Sci Total Environ 919 (-) 170842 [2024-04-01; online 2024-02-08]
Results from the SARS-CoV-2 wastewater-based surveillance system in Denmark, July 2021 to June 2022.
Krogsgaard LW, Benedetti G, Gudde A, ..., Franck KT, Ethelberg S
Water Res 252 (-) 121223 [2024-03-15; online 2024-01-29]
(Over)crowded house: exploring asylum seekers' experiences of the COVID-19 pandemic while living at accommodation centers in Sweden.
van Eggermont Arwidson C, Holmgren J, Tinghög P, Eriksson H, Gottberg K
BMC Public Health 24 (1) 622 [2024-02-27; online 2024-02-27]
Lung impedance changes during awake prone positioning in COVID-19. A non-randomized cross-over study.
Rosén J, Frykholm P, Jonsson Fagerlund M, ..., von Oelreich E, Fors D
PLoS One 19 (2) e0299199 [2024-02-21; online 2024-02-21]
The α-dystroglycan N-terminus is a broad-spectrum antiviral agent against SARS-CoV-2 and enveloped viruses.
Bigotti MG, Klein K, Gan ES, ..., Brancaccio A, Yamauchi Y
Antiviral Res 224 (-) 105837 [2024-02-20; online 2024-02-20]
COVID-19 pandemic waves: Identification and interpretation of global data.
Bali Swain R, Lin X, Wallentin FY
Heliyon 10 (3) e25090 [2024-02-15; online 2024-01-27]
Trajectories of mental health outcomes following COVID-19 infection: a prospective longitudinal study.
Badinlou F, Rahimian F, Hedman-Lagerlöf M, ..., Abzhandadze T, Jansson-Fröjmark M
BMC Public Health 24 (1) 452 [2024-02-13; online 2024-02-13]
Neurological involvement among non-hospitalized adolescents and young adults 6 months after acute COVID-19.
Havdal LB, Selvakumar J, Lund Berven L, ..., Holmøy T, Wyller VBB
Front Neurol 15 (-) 1345787 [2024-02-07; online 2024-02-07]
Neonatal Outcomes After COVID-19 Vaccination in Pregnancy.
Norman M, Magnus MC, Söderling J, ..., Håberg S, Stephansson O
JAMA 331 (5) 396-407 [2024-02-06; online 2024-02-06]
Evidence of COVID-19 fatalities in Swedish neighborhoods from a full population study.
Wixe S, Lobo J, Mellander C, Bettencourt LMA
Sci Rep 14 (1) 2998 [2024-02-06; online 2024-02-06]
International Care programs for Pediatric Post-COVID Condition (Long COVID) and the way forward.
Brackel CLH, Noij LCE, Vijverberg SJH, ..., Hashimoto S, Terheggen-Lagro SWJ
Pediatr Res - (-) - [2024-01-29; online 2024-01-29]
Category: Post-COVID Type: Journal article
COVID-19: Not a thrombotic disease but a thromboinflammatory disease.
He S, Blombäck M, Wallén H
Ups J Med Sci 129 (-) - [2024-01-22; online 2024-01-22]
COVID-19 Vaccine Effectiveness Among Adolescents.
Poukka E, Andersson NW, Thiesson EM, ..., Ljung R, Hviid A
Pediatrics 153 (2) - [2024-01-01; online 2024-01-10]
Category: Vaccines Type: Journal article
Placental pathology in a large (Swedish) cohort of SARS-CoV-2 infected mothers.
Fredriksson L, Tidholm Qvist E, Sirotkina M, Pettersson K, Papadogiannakis N
Placenta 145 (-) 100-106 [2024-01-00; online 2023-12-15]
Category: Health Type: Journal article
Otitis media: Interactions between host and environment, immune and inflammatory responses.
Nokso-Koivisto J, Ehrlich GD, Enoksson F, ..., Vijayasekaran S, Ryan A
Int J Pediatr Otorhinolaryngol 176 (-) 111798 [2024-01-00; online 2023-11-27]
Category: Health Type: Review

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