Publications 2023

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Confidence in COVID-19 vaccine effectiveness and safety and its effect on vaccine uptake in Tanzania: A community-based cross-sectional study. Mtei M, Mboya IB, Mgongo M, ..., Kapologwe NA, Msuya SE Hum Vaccin Immunother 19 (1) 2191576 2023-12-31 2023-04-05
Transition from physical to online shopping alternatives due to the COVID-19 pandemic - A case study of Italy and Sweden. Andruetto C, Bin E, Susilo Y, Pernestål A Transp Res Part A Policy Pract 171 (-) 103644 2023-05-00 2023-03-13
Segregation and the pandemic: The dynamics of daytime social diversity during COVID-19 in Greater Stockholm. Müürisepp K, Järv O, Sjöblom F, Toger M, Östh J Appl Geogr 154 (-) 102926 2023-05-00 2023-03-10
Insight into vaccination and meteorological factors on daily COVID-19 cases and mortality in Bangladesh. Hasan MN, Islam MA, Sangkham S, ..., Bhattacharya P, Sarkodie SA Groundw Sustain Dev 21 (-) 100932 2023-05-00 2023-03-02
Physical functioning post-COVID-19 and the recovery process: a mixed methods study. Tofiq A, Eriksson Crommert M, Zakrisson AB, von Euler M, Nilsing Strid E Disabil Rehabil - (-) 1-10 2023-04-20 2023-04-20
Self-care behaviours of patients with left ventricular assist devices in Israel: changes during the COVID-19 pandemic. Melnikov S, Ben Avraham B, Itzhaki Ben Zadok O, ..., Jaarsma T, Ben-Gal T ESC Heart Fail - (-) - 2023-04-19 2023-04-19
Plasmablasts in previously immunologically naïve COVID-19 patients express markers indicating mucosal homing and secrete antibodies cross-reacting with SARS-CoV-2 variants and other beta-coronaviruses. Lundgren A, Leach S, Axelsson H, ..., Angeletti D, Bemark M Clin Exp Immunol - (-) - 2023-04-18 2023-04-18
Contact allergy investigations in healthcare workers with face mask-related skin disease. Brynolf A, Hauksson I, Bergendorff O, Svedman C, Hamnerius N Contact Dermatitis - (-) - 2023-04-18 2023-04-18
Perceived effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on clinical psychology internships in Sweden. Bergvall H, Larsson C, Strålin EE, Bohman B, Alfonsson S BMC Med Educ 23 (1) 249 2023-04-17 2023-04-17
Impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on sick leave among healthcare workers: a register-based observational study. Reme BA, Grøsland M, Gjefsen H, Magnusson K Occup Environ Med - (-) - 2023-04-17 2023-04-17
Myeloperoxidase Inhibition in Heart Failure With Preserved or Mildly Reduced Ejection Fraction: SATELLITE Trial Results. Lam CSP, Lund LH, Shah SJ, ..., Gan LM, Gabrielsen A J Card Fail - (-) - 2023-04-16 2023-04-16
Nurses and global health responsibility: In light of the COVID-19 pandemic and the war in Ukraine. Lindberg C, Brinchmann BS Int Nurs Rev - (-) - 2023-04-15 2023-04-15
Delayed generation of functional virus-specific circulating T follicular helper cells correlates with severe COVID-19. Yu M, Charles A, Cagigi A, ..., Loré K, Smed-Sörensen A Nat Commun 14 (1) 2164 2023-04-15 2023-04-15
SARS-CoV-2 Antibodies in Commercial Immunoglobulin Products Show Markedly Reduced Cross-reactivities Against Omicron Variants. Lindahl H, Chen P, Åberg M, ..., Smith CIE, Bergman P J Clin Immunol - (-) 1-8 2023-04-14 2023-04-14
Impact of SARS-CoV-2 vaccination and monoclonal antibodies on outcome post CD19-CAR-T: an EPICOVIDEHA survey. van Doesum JA, Salmanton-García J, Marchesi F, ..., Cornely OA, Pagano L Blood Adv - (-) - 2023-04-14 2023-04-14
Better Anti-Spike IgG Antibody Response to SARS-CoV-2 Vaccine in Patients on Haemodiafiltration than on Haemodialysis. Carrera F, Jacobson SH, Costa J, Marques M, Ferrer F Blood Purif - (-) 1-8 2023-04-14 2023-04-14
Prevalence of long COVID complaints in persons with and without COVID-19. Magnusson K, Turkiewicz A, Flottorp SA, Englund M Sci Rep 13 (1) 6074 2023-04-13 2023-04-13
Impact assessment of immunization and the COVID-19 pandemic on varicella across Europe using digital epidemiology methods: A descriptive study. Sabale U, Jarmale L, Murtagh J, Pawaskar M, Bencina G PLoS One 18 (4) e0283465 2023-04-12 2023-04-12
Subclass-switched anti-spike IgG3 oligoclonal cocktails strongly enhance Fc-mediated opsonization. Izadi A, Hailu A, Godzwon M, ..., Bahnan W, Nordenfelt P Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 120 (15) e2217590120 2023-04-11 2023-04-03
The impact of Covid-19 in patients with chronic myeloid leukemia-a nationwide population-based study. Dahlén T, Flygt H, Lübking A, ..., Stenke L, Nyberg F Leukemia - (-) 1-4 2023-04-10 2023-04-10
The febrile infant: Is it COVID-19 or a serious bacterial infection? Ohlin A Acta Paediatr - (-) - 2023-04-10 2023-04-10
Family doctors' roles and perceptions on antibiotic consumption and antibiotic resistance in Romania: a qualitative study. Ghiga I, Pitchforth E, Stålsby Lundborg C, Machowska A BMC Prim Care 24 (1) 93 2023-04-10 2023-04-10
How Older Persons and Health Care Professionals Co-designed a Medication Plan Prototype Remotely to Promote Patient Safety: Case Study. Holmqvist M, Ros A, Lindenfalk B, Thor J, Johansson L JMIR Aging 6 (-) e41950 2023-04-07 2023-04-07
Exploring workplace violence on surgical wards in Sweden: a cross-sectional study. Jakobsson J, Örmon K, Axelsson M, Berthelsen H BMC Nurs 22 (1) 106 2023-04-07 2023-04-07
Study protocol of a phase 2, randomised, placebo-controlled, double-blind, adaptive, parallel group clinical study to evaluate the efficacy and safety of recombinant alpha-1-microglobulin in subjects at high risk for acute kidney injury following open-chest cardiac surgery (AKITA trial). Mazer CD, Siadati-Fini N, Boehm J, ..., Ronco C, Zarbock A BMJ Open 13 (4) e068363 2023-04-06 2023-04-06
Epitopes displayed in a cyclic peptide scaffold bind SARS-CoV-2 antibodies. Eriksson C, Gunasekera S, Muhammad T, ..., Lord M, Göransson U Chembiochem - (-) e202300103 2023-04-06 2023-04-06
Electrochemical lateral-flow device for rapid COVID-19 antigen-diagnostic testing. Deenin W, Yakoh A, Pimpitak U, ..., Crespo GA, Chaiyo S Bioelectrochemistry 152 (-) 108438 2023-04-06 2023-04-06
Rare predicted loss-of-function variants of type I IFN immunity genes are associated with life-threatening COVID-19. Matuozzo D, Talouarn E, Marchal A, ..., Abel L, Cobat A Genome Med 15 (1) 22 2023-04-05 2023-04-05
Progress in vaccine development for infectious diseases-a Keystone Symposia report. Cable J, Graham BS, Koup RA, ..., Hotez PJ, Bekker LG Ann N Y Acad Sci - (-) - 2023-04-05 2023-04-05
The impact of immunomodulating treatment on the immunogenicity of COVID-19 vaccines in patients with immune-mediated inflammatory rheumatic diseases compared to healthy controls. A Swedish nationwide study (COVID19-REUMA). Frodlund M, Nived P, Chatzidionysiou A, ..., Klareskog L, Kapetanovic MC Vaccine - (-) - 2023-04-04 2023-04-04
Risk of venous thromboembolism in patients with COVID-19 during 2020; a retrospective cross-sectional study in a Swedish health care system. Wretborn J, Jörg M, Benjaminsson Nyberg P, Wilhelms DB Sci Rep 13 (1) 5469 2023-04-04 2023-04-04
The influence of meteorological factors on COVID-19 spread in Italy during the first and second wave. Balboni E, Filippini T, Rothman KJ, ..., Teggi S, Vinceti M Environ Res 228 (-) 115796 2023-04-03 2023-04-03
Missed opportunities in using lessons from HIV response to combat COVID-19 - looking back while preparing for the next pandemic. Panakadan S, Gun A, Sarkar S Indian J Med Res - (-) - 2023-04-03 2023-04-03
Flares after COVID-19 infection in patients with idiopathic inflammatory myopathies: results from the COVAD study. Ali SS, R N, Sen P, ..., Aggarwal R, Gupta L Rheumatology (Oxford) - (-) - 2023-04-02 2023-04-02
Setting an Agenda: Results of a Consensus Process on Research Directions in Distance Simulation. Gross IT, Clapper TC, Ramachandra G, ..., Kessler D, Calhoun AW Simul Healthc 18 (2) 100-107 2023-04-01 2022-04-05
Outcome of SARS-CoV2 infection in hematopoietic stem cell transplant recipients for autoimmune diseases. Greco R, Snowden JA, Knelange NS, ..., De la Camara R, European Society for Blood and Marrow Transplantation (EBMT) COVID19 Task Force, Autoimmune Diseases Working Party (ADWP) and Infectious Diseases Working Party (IDWP) J Autoimmun 136 (-) 103024 2023-04-00 2023-03-02
Non-communicable disease policy implementation from 2014 to 2021: a repeated cross-sectional analysis of global policy data for 194 countries. Allen LN, Wigley S, Holmer H, Barlow P Lancet Glob Health 11 (4) e525-e533 2023-04-00 2023-03-17
Nirmatrelvir/ritonavir in COVID-19 patients with haematological malignancies: a report from the EPICOVIDEHA registry. Salmanton-García J, Marchesi F, Gomes da Silva M, ..., Cornely OA, EPICOVIDEHA registry EClinicalMedicine 58 (-) 101939 2023-04-00 2023-04-06
New perspectives on respiratory syncytial virus surveillance at the national level: lessons from the COVID-19 pandemic. Teirlinck AC, Johannesen CK, Broberg EK, ..., Meijer A, Fischer TK Eur Respir J 61 (4) - 2023-04-00 2023-04-03
Emergence and antibody evasion of BQ, BA.2.75 and SARS-CoV-2 recombinant sub-lineages in the face of maturing antibody breadth at the population level. Akerman A, Milogiannakis V, Jean T, ..., Aggarwal A, Turville SG EBioMedicine 90 (-) 104545 2023-04-00 2023-03-30
Contextualising adverse events of special interest to characterise the baseline incidence rates in 24 million patients with COVID-19 across 26 databases: a multinational retrospective cohort study. Voss EA, Shoaibi A, Yin Hui Lai L, ..., Schuemie MJ, Ryan PB EClinicalMedicine 58 (-) 101932 2023-04-00 2023-04-04
Changes in sexual activities, function, and satisfaction during the COVID-19 pandemic era: a systematic review and meta-analysis. Qaderi K, Yazdkhasti M, Zangeneh S, ..., Mehraeen E, Rasoal D Sex Med 11 (2) qfad005 2023-04-00 2023-03-24
An XAI approach for COVID-19 detection using transfer learning with X-ray images. Sarp S, Catak FO, Kuzlu M, ..., Ates G, Guler O Heliyon 9 (4) e15137 2023-04-00 2023-04-07
Systemic sclerosis and COVID-19 vaccine safety: short-term insights from the global COVID-19 vaccination in autoimmune disease (COVAD) survey. Naveen R, Thakare DR, Kuwana M, ..., Agarwal V, Makol A Rheumatol Int - (-) 1-11 2023-03-31 2023-03-31
Ionizable lipids penetrate phospholipid bilayers with high phase transition temperatures: perspectives from free energy calculations. Ermilova I, Swenson J Chem Phys Lipids 253 (-) 105294 2023-03-31 2023-03-31
Addressing global disparities in blood pressure control: perspectives of the International Society of Hypertension. Schutte AE, Jafar TH, Poulter NR, ..., Wynne BM, Tomaszewski M Cardiovasc Res 119 (2) 381-409 2023-03-31 2022-10-12
The COPE Staff study: Study description and initial report regarding job satisfaction, work-life conflicts, stress, and burnout among Swedish maternal and neonatal healthcare workers during the COVID-19 pandemic. Akerstrom M, Sengpiel V, Hadžibajramović E, ..., Wessberg A, Linden K Int J Gynaecol Obstet - (-) - 2023-03-30 2023-03-30
Process development for an effective COVID-19 vaccine candidate harboring recombinant SARS-CoV-2 delta plus receptor binding domain produced by Pichia pastoris. Kalyoncu S, Yilmaz S, Kuyucu AZ, ..., Ozturk M, Inan M Sci Rep 13 (1) 5224 2023-03-30 2023-03-30
Long-COVID fatigue is not predicted by pre-pandemic plasma IL-6 levels in mild COVID-19. Freidin MB, Cheetham N, Duncan EL, ..., Pariante C, Williams FMK Inflamm Res - (-) 1-7 2023-03-30 2023-03-30
Gambling and COVID-19: Swedish national gambling data from a state-owned gambling sports and casino operator. Balem M, Karlsson A, Widinghoff C, ..., Challet-Bouju G, Håkansson A J Behav Addict 12 (1) 230-241 2023-03-30 2023-03-30
The European landscape on allogeneic haematopoeietic cell transplantation in Chronic Lymphocytic Leukaemia between 2009 and 2019: a perspective from the Chronic Malignancies Working Party of the EBMT. Tournilhac O, van Gelder M, Eikema DJ, ..., Hayden PJ, Yakoub-Agha I Bone Marrow Transplant - (-) 1-4 2023-03-28 2023-03-28
A Case Series on Pregnant Patients with Mild Covid-19 Infection and Signs of Severe Placental Insufficiency. Ivert A, Lindblad Wollmann C, Pettersson K Case Rep Obstet Gynecol 2023 (-) 2018551 2023-03-28 2023-03-28
Sexual and reproductive health in Britain during the first year of the COVID-19 pandemic: cross-sectional population survey (Natsal-COVID-Wave 2) and national surveillance data. Mitchell KR, Willis M, Dema E, ..., Mercer CH, Field N Sex Transm Infect - (-) - 2023-03-27 2023-03-27
Proteomic characteristics and diagnostic potential of exhaled breath particles in patients with COVID-19. Hirdman G, Bodén E, Kjellström S, ..., Hallgren O, Lindstedt S Clin Proteomics 20 (1) 13 2023-03-27 2023-03-27
Flares in autoimmune rheumatic diseases in the post-COVID-19 vaccination period - A Cross-sequential study based on COVAD surveys. Jagtap K, R N, Day J, ..., Aggarwal R, Gupta L Rheumatology (Oxford) - (-) - 2023-03-24 2023-03-24
Syndemic health crises-The growing role of National Public Health Institutes in shaping a coordinated response. Tweed S, Selbie D, Tegnell A, ..., Pendergast S, Squires N Int J Health Plann Manage - (-) - 2023-03-23 2023-03-23
Community participatory learning and action cycle groups to reduce type 2 diabetes in Bangladesh (D:Clare): an updated study protocol for a parallel arm cluster randomised controlled trial. King C, Pires M, Ahmed N, ..., Azad K, Fottrell E Trials 24 (1) 218 2023-03-23 2023-03-23
Health progression for Covid-19 survivors hospitalized in geriatric clinics in Sweden. Kananen L, Hong X, Annetorp M, ..., Hägg S, Religa D PLoS One 18 (3) e0283344 2023-03-22 2023-03-22
Correlates of protection and viral load trajectories in omicron breakthrough infections in triple vaccinated healthcare workers. Marking U, Havervall S, Norin NG, ..., Klingström J, Thålin C Nat Commun 14 (1) 1577 2023-03-22 2023-03-22
Clinical pathway of COVID-19 patients in primary health care in 30 European countries: Eurodata study. Ares-Blanco S, Guisado-Clavero M, Ramos Del Rio L, ..., Clinical investigators† , Clinical investigators: Eur J Gen Pract - (-) 2182879 2023-03-21 2023-03-21
Antiepileptogenesis after Stroke - Trials and Tribulations: Methodological Challenges and Recruitment Results of a Phase II Study with Eslicarbazepine Acetate. Koepp MJ, Trinka E, Mah YH, ..., Moreira J, Soares-da-Silva P Epilepsia Open - (-) - 2023-03-21 2023-03-21
The burden of disease due to COVID-19 in Sweden 2020-2021: A disability-adjusted life years (DALYs) study. Shedrawy J, Ernst P, Lönnroth K, Nyberg F Scand J Public Health - (-) 14034948231160616 2023-03-20 2023-03-20
Prevalence of depression among students at a Sri Lankan University: A study using the Patient Health Questionnaire-9 (PHQ-9) during the COVID-19 pandemic. Wickramasinghe A, Essén B, Surenthirakumaran R, Axemo P BMC Public Health 23 (1) 528 2023-03-20 2023-03-20
Physical and mental health impact of the COVID-19 pandemic at first year in a Spanish adult cohort. Castellvi Obiols P, Miranda-Mendizabal A, Recoder S, ..., Lloveras-Bernat I, Forero CG Sci Rep 13 (1) 4547 2023-03-20 2023-03-20
Coping with COVID-19 Pandemic and Sustained Health Behavior: A Cross-Sectional Study in Bangladesh. Sizear MI, Macassa G, Chowdhury MRK, Rashid M Epidemiologia (Basel) 4 (1) 85-93 2023-03-20 2023-03-20
Computerization of the Work of General Practitioners: Mixed Methods Survey of Final-Year Medical Students in Ireland. Blease C, Kharko A, Bernstein M, ..., Walsh I, D Mandl K JMIR Med Educ 9 (-) e42639 2023-03-20 2023-03-20
Vulval Aphthous Ulcers in Adolescents Following COVID-19 Vaccination - Analysis of an international case series. Rudolph A, Savage DR J Pediatr Adolesc Gynecol - (-) - 2023-03-17 2023-03-17
Severe COVID-19 during pregnancy in Sweden, Norway, and Denmark. Örtqvist AK, Magnus MC, Aabakke AJM, ..., Håberg SE, Stephansson O Acta Obstet Gynecol Scand - (-) - 2023-03-17 2023-03-17
Correction: Study protocol for a randomized controlled trial evaluating the effectiveness of an internet-based self-help intervention to cope with psychological distress due to COVID-19 in the Italian general population: the RinasciMENTE project. Bertuzzi V, Semonella M, Andersson G, ..., Molinari E, Pietrabissa G Trials 24 (1) 201 2023-03-17 2023-03-17
Life Satisfaction among Self-Employed People in Different Welfare Regimes during the COVID-19 Pandemic: Significance of Household Finances and Concerns about Work. Nordenmark M, Landstad BJ, Tjulin Å, Vinberg S Int J Environ Res Public Health 20 (6) - 2023-03-15 2023-03-15
Recruitment of Adolescent Young Carers to a Psychosocial Support Intervention Study in Six European Countries: Lessons Learned from the ME-WE Project. Barbabella F, Magnusson L, Boccaletti L, ..., Becker S, Hanson E Int J Environ Res Public Health 20 (6) - 2023-03-14 2023-03-14
The COVID-19 endemic in Vietnam: Contextual considerations and implications. Doan LP, Le Vu MN, Vu GT, ..., Latkin CA, Ho RCM Front Public Health 11 (-) 997635 2023-03-13 2023-03-13
NK cells in COVID-19 - from disease to vaccination. Hammer Q, Cuapio A, Bister J, Björkström NK, Ljunggren HG J Leukoc Biol - (-) - 2023-03-11 2023-03-11
COVID-19 and unfavorable changes in mental health unrelated to changes in physical activity, sedentary time, and health behaviors among Swedish adolescents: A longitudinal study. Nyberg G, Helgadóttir B, Kjellenberg K, Ekblom Ö Front Public Health 11 (-) 1115789 2023-03-10 2023-03-10
Living through a Global Pandemic: A Cross-Sectional Study on the Psychological Resilience of the University Population in Iran. Ahmadi F, Cetrez ÖA, Zandi S Int J Environ Res Public Health 20 (6) - 2023-03-09 2023-03-09
Editorial: Medication safety in COVID-19 management, Volume II. Das S Front Pharmacol 14 (-) 1175152 2023-03-09 2023-03-09
"Having vaccines is good but not enough": Requirements for optimal COVID-19 immunization program in Vietnam. Doan LP, Dao NG, Nguyen DC, ..., Ho CSH, Ho RCM Front Public Health 11 (-) 1137401 2023-03-09 2023-03-09
Improved outcomes over time and higher mortality in CMV seropositive allogeneic stem cell transplantation patients with COVID-19; An infectious disease working party study from the European Society for Blood and Marrow Transplantation registry. Ljungman P, Tridello G, Piñana JL, ..., Mikulska M, de la Camara R Front Immunol 14 (-) 1125824 2023-03-07 2023-03-07
Dissection of Antibody Responses of Gam-COVID-Vac-Vaccinated Subjects Suggests Involvement of Epitopes Outside RBD in SARS-CoV-2 Neutralization. Byazrova M, Gattinger P, Astakhova E, ..., Filatov A, Valenta R Int J Mol Sci 24 (6) - 2023-03-07 2023-03-07
Management of patients with advanced prostate cancer-metastatic and/or castration-resistant prostate cancer: report of the Advanced Prostate Cancer Consensus Conference (APCCC) 2022. Gillessen S, Bossi A, Davis ID, ..., Zilli T, Omlin A Eur J Cancer 185 (-) 178-215 2023-03-03 2023-03-03
Optimising conditions and environments for digital participation in later life: A macro-meso-micro framework of partnership-building. Reuter A, Xu W, Iwarsson S, Olsson T, Schmidt SM Front Psychol 14 (-) 1107024 2023-03-02 2023-03-02
Prevalence and Characteristics Associated With Post-COVID-19 Condition Among Nonhospitalized Adolescents and Young Adults. Selvakumar J, Havdal LB, Drevvatne M, ..., Lloyd AR, Wyller VBB JAMA Netw Open 6 (3) e235763 2023-03-01 2023-03-01
Frequent use of IGHV3-30-3 in SARS-CoV-2 neutralizing antibody responses. Pushparaj P, Nicoletto A, Dopico XC, ..., Corcoran M, Karlsson Hedestam GB Front Virol 3 (-) 1128253 2023-03-01 2023-04-13
Tissue factor activity of small and large extracellular vesicles in different diseases. Sachetto ATA, Archibald SJ, Hisada Y, ..., Thålin C, Mackman N Res Pract Thromb Haemost 7 (3) 100124 2023-03-00 2023-03-15
The effect of time spent sitting and excessive gaming on the weight status, and perceived weight stigma among Taiwanese young adults. Kamolthip R, Yang YN, Latner JD, ..., Pakpour AH, Lin CY Heliyon 9 (3) e14298 2023-03-00 2023-03-06
Prevalence of ongoing or previous SARS-CoV-2 infection among dental personnel - the Swedish experience. Fredriksson L, Cederlund A, Murray M, Jansson L, Skott P Acta Odontol Scand 81 (2) 119-123 2023-03-00 2022-06-30
Postmortem lung and heart examination of COVID-19 patients in a case series from Jordan. Abdaljaleel M, Tawalbeh I, Sallam M, ..., Zureigat M, Al-Abbadi MA J Pathol Transl Med 57 (2) 102-112 2023-03-00 2023-03-14
Ending tuberculosis in Europe - resetting the course in the post-COVID-19 era. Ammon A, Kluge H Euro Surveill 28 (12) - 2023-03-00 2023-03-24
Clinical Psychology and the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Mixed Methods Survey Among Members of the European Association of Clinical Psychology and Psychological Treatment (EACLIPT). Asbrand J, Gerdes S, Breedvelt J, ..., Rief W, Bockting C Clin Psychol Eur 5 (1) e8109 2023-03-00 2023-03-31
At-home sampling to meet geographical challenges for serological assessment of SARS-CoV-2 exposure in a rural region of northern Sweden, March to May 2021: a retrospective cohort study. Byström JW, Vikström L, Rosendal E, ..., Normark J, Forsell MN Euro Surveill 28 (13) - 2023-03-00 2023-03-31
Arrival flight efficiency in pre- and post-Covid-19 pandemics. Lemetti A, Hardell H, Polishchuk T J Air Transp Manag 107 (-) 102327 2023-03-00 2022-11-10
Editorial: Health service management and leadership: COVID-style. Dadich A, Buttigieg S, Macassa G, West T Front Public Health 11 (-) 1141055 2023-02-28 2023-02-28
Worldwide Estimation of Parental Acceptance of COVID-19 Vaccine for Their Children: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis. Alimoradi Z, Lin CY, Pakpour AH Vaccines 11 (3) - 2023-02-24 2023-02-24
Targeted plasma proteomics reveals signatures discriminating COVID-19 from sepsis with pneumonia. Palma Medina LM, Babačić H, Dzidic M, ..., Strålin K, Norrby-Teglund A Respir Res 24 (1) 62 2023-02-24 2023-02-24
Risk factors for impaired respiratory function post COVID-19: A prospective cohort study of nonhospitalized and hospitalized patients. Björsell T, Sundh J, Lange A, ..., Normark J, Cajander S J Intern Med - (-) - 2023-02-23 2023-02-23
Inhaled ciclesonide in adults hospitalised with COVID-19: a randomised controlled open-label trial (HALT COVID-19). Brodin D, Tornhammar P, Ueda P, ..., Blennow O, Andersson DP BMJ Open 13 (2) e064374 2023-02-22 2023-02-22
Attitudes of Swedish Language Twitter Users Toward COVID-19 Vaccination: Exploratory Qualitative Study. Beirakdar S, Klingborg L, Herzig van Wees S JMIR Infodemiology 3 (-) e42357 2023-02-22 2023-02-22
Proteome-wide Mendelian randomization implicates nephronectin as an actionable mediator of the effect of obesity on COVID-19 severity. Yoshiji S, Butler-Laporte G, Lu T, ..., Farjoun Y, Richards JB Nat Metab - (-) 1-17 2023-02-20 2023-02-20
New Presentation of CD27 Deficiency; Coronary Ectasia and COVID-19. Golchehre Z, Sharafian S, Momtazmanesh N, ..., Shamsian BS, Keramatipour M Iran J Allergy Asthma Immunol 22 (1) 110-118 2023-02-20 2023-02-20
Lipid Nanoparticles Deliver the Therapeutic VEGFA mRNA In Vitro and In Vivo and Transform Extracellular Vesicles for Their Functional Extensions. Nawaz M, Heydarkhan-Hagvall S, Tangruksa B, ..., Synnergren J, Valadi H Adv. Sci. - (-) e2206187 2023-02-19 2023-02-19
Differential regulation of mRNA stability modulates transcriptional memory and facilitates environmental adaptation. Li B, Zeis P, Zhang Y, ..., Steinmetz LM, Pelechano V Nat Commun 14 (1) 910 2023-02-17 2023-02-17
Increasing serum iron levels and their role in the risk of infectious diseases: a Mendelian randomization approach. Butler-Laporte G, Farjoun Y, Chen Y, ..., Forgetta V, Richards JB Int J Epidemiol - (-) - 2023-02-11 2023-02-11
Microneedle Patch for Painless Intradermal Collection of Interstitial Fluid Enabling Multi-analyte Measurement of Small Molecules, SARS-CoV-2 Antibodies, and Protein Profiling. Ribet F, Bendes A, Fredolini C, ..., Stemme G, Roxhed N Adv Healthc Mater - (-) e2202564 2023-02-07 2023-02-07
Antibiotic use during coronavirus disease 2019 intensive care unit shape multidrug resistance bacteriuria: A Swedish longitudinal prospective study. Karlsson PA, Pärssinen J, Danielsson EA, ..., Järhult JD, Wang H Front Med (Lausanne) 10 (-) 1087446 2023-02-07 2023-02-07
High prevalence of persistent symptoms and reduced health-related quality of life 6 months after COVID-19. Ahmad I, Edin A, Granvik C, ..., Cajander S, Normark J Front Public Health 11 (-) 1104267 2023-02-02 2023-02-02
Mental health indicators in Sweden over a 12-month period during the COVID-19 pandemic - Baseline data of the Omtanke2020 Study. Lovik A, González-Hijón J, Kähler AK, ..., Sullivan PF, Fang F J Affect Disord 322 (-) 108-117 2023-02-01 2022-11-12
Clinical outcomes of myocarditis after SARS-CoV-2 mRNA vaccination in four Nordic countries: population based cohort study. Husby A, Gulseth HL, Hovi P, ..., Ljung R, Hviid A BMJ Med 2 (1) e000373 2023-02-01 2023-02-01
ThermalProGAN: A sequence-based thermally stable protein generator trained using unpaired data. Huang HL, Weng CH, Nordling TEM, Liou YF J Bioinform Comput Biol 21 (1) 2350008 2023-02-00 2023-03-31
The impact of COVID-19 and COVID vaccination on cardiovascular outcomes. Akhtar Z, Trent M, Moa A, ..., Fröbert O, MacIntyre CR Eur Heart J Suppl 25 (Suppl A) A42-A49 2023-02-00 2023-02-14
SARS-CoV-2 spike HexaPro formulated in aluminium hydroxide and administered in an accelerated vaccination schedule partially protects Syrian Hamsters against viral challenge despite low neutralizing antibody responses. Christensen D, Polacek C, Sheward DJ, ..., Bukh J, Pedersen GK Front Immunol 14 (-) 941281 2023-01-23 2023-01-23
Unravelling the link between sleep and mental health during the COVID-19 pandemic. González-Hijón J, Kähler AK, Frans EM, ..., Fang F, Lovik A Stress Health - (-) - 2023-01-17 2023-01-17
How Sweden approached the COVID-19 pandemic: Summary and commentary on the National Commission Inquiry. Ludvigsson JF Acta Paediatr 112 (1) 19-33 2023-01-00 2022-09-15

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