Publications 2023

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Confidence in COVID-19 vaccine effectiveness and safety and its effect on vaccine uptake in Tanzania: A community-based cross-sectional study. Mtei M, Mboya IB, Mgongo M, ..., Kapologwe NA, Msuya SE Hum Vaccin Immunother 19 (1) 2191576 2023-12-31 2023-04-05
A temporary regulation to manage an impending shortage due to extraordinary prescribing patterns of chloroquines observed during early phase of COVID-19 epidemic. Kälkner K, Sundström A, Haverinen MJ, ..., Zethelius B, Ljung R Ups J Med Sci 128 (-) - 2023-12-31 2023-12-31
Effect of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Stillbirths in Canada and the United States. Joseph KS, Lisonkova S, Simon S, ..., Brandt JS, Ananth CV J Obstet Gynaecol Can - (-) 102338 2023-12-30 2023-12-30
Working from home, work/life conflict and mental wellbeing in Europe during the COVID-19 pandemic. Nordenmark M, Vinberg S Work - (-) - 2023-12-29 2023-12-29
The impact of ambient temperature and air pollution on SARS-CoV2 infection and Post COVID-19 condition in Belgium (2021-2022). Thi Khanh HN, De Troeyer K, Smith P, Demoury C, Casas L Environ Res 246 (-) 118066 2023-12-29 2023-12-29
Anakinra or tocilizumab in patients admitted to hospital with severe covid-19 at high risk of deterioration (IMMCoVA): A randomized, controlled, open-label trial. Sundén-Cullberg J, Chen P, Häbel H, ..., Nowak P, Lampa J PLoS One 18 (12) e0295838 2023-12-29 2023-12-29
Associations between the spread of COVID-19 and end-of-life circumstances in the non-infected population of Sweden. Sennfält S, Hedman C, Fürst CJ Scand J Public Health - (-) 14034948231216197 2023-12-28 2023-12-28
Post-acute COVID-19 neuropsychiatric symptoms are not associated with ongoing nervous system injury. Taquet M, Skorniewska Z, Zetterberg H, ..., Koychev I, PHOSP-COVID Study Collaborative Group Brain Commun 6 (1) fcad357 2023-12-27 2023-12-27
Enhanced External Counterpulsation for Management of Postacute Sequelae of SARS-CoV-2 Associated Microvascular Angina and Fatigue: An Interventional Pilot Study. Wu E, Mahdi A, Nickander J, ..., Ståhlberg M, Desta L Cardiol Res Pract 2023 (-) 6687803 2023-12-27 2023-12-27
Medical Doctors' Perceptions of the Media Coverage during the Covid-19 Pandemic: A Case Study in Stockholm. Brune C, Agerholm J, Liljas A Health Serv Insights 16 (-) 11786329231222168 2023-12-25 2023-12-25
Health care services for older people in COVID-19 pandemic times - A Nordic comparison. Bliksvær T, Andrews T, Lindholst AC, ..., Fagerström LM, Hansen MB Scand J Prim Health Care - (-) 1-11 2023-12-25 2023-12-25
General and orofacial symptoms associated with acute and long COVID in 80- and 90-year-old Swedish COVID-19 survivors. Johansson A, Omar R, Lehmann S, ..., Mastrovito B, Johansson A J Dent 141 (-) 104824 2023-12-23 2023-12-23
Venomous gland transcriptome and venom proteomic analysis of the scorpion Androctonus amoreuxi reveal new peptides with anti-SARS-CoV-2 activity. Ghazal A, Clarke D, Abdel-Rahman MA, ..., Hijazi K, Houssen WE Peptides 173 (-) 171139 2023-12-22 2023-12-22
Survival and Long-Term Functional Status of COVID-19 Patients Requiring Prolonged ECMO Support. Martínez Martínez M, Schmidt M, Broman LM, ..., Combes A, Riera J Ann Am Thorac Soc - (-) - 2023-12-22 2023-12-22
Risk of 30-Day All-Cause Readmission in Interstitial Lung Disease Patients after COVID-19: National-Level Data. Vaeli Zadeh A, Dinparastisaleh R, Vaezi A, ..., Lee AS, Mirsaeidi M Ann Am Thorac Soc - (-) - 2023-12-22 2023-12-22
Awake proning in patients with COVID-19-related hypoxemic acute respiratory failure: Endorsement by the Scandinavian Society of Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care Medicine. Rehn M, Chew M, Kalliomäki M, ..., Sigurðsson MI, Møller MH Acta Anaesthesiol Scand - (-) - 2023-12-22 2023-12-22
Trends of perceived disruption in healthcare services during the pandemic: findings from the COVID-19 National Resilience Cohort in Iceland. Wang Y, Unnarsdóttir AB, Magnúsdóttir I, ..., Aspelund T, Valdimarsdóttir UA Eur J Public Health - (-) - 2023-12-21 2023-12-21
Perceptions of the seriousness of major public health problems during the COVID-19 pandemic in seven middle-income countries. Carson RT, Hanemann M, Köhlin G, ..., Chukwuone NA, Whittington D Commun Med (Lond) 3 (1) 193 2023-12-21 2023-12-21
Impact of the gut microbiome on immunological responses to COVID-19 vaccination in healthy controls and people living with HIV. Ray S, Narayanan A, Vesterbacka J, ..., Sönnerborg A, Nowak P NPJ Biofilms Microbiomes 9 (1) 104 2023-12-20 2023-12-20
Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Global TAVR Activity: The COVID-TAVI Study. Armario X, Carron J, Simpkin AJ, ..., McEvoy JW, Mylotte D JACC Cardiovasc Interv - (-) - 2023-12-20 2023-12-20
Brain magnetic resonance imaging findings six months after critical COVID-19: A prospective cohort study. Ollila H, Pihlajamaa J, Martola J, ..., Tiainen M, Hästbacka J J Crit Care 80 (-) 154502 2023-12-18 2023-12-18
Improved oxygenation in prone positioning of mechanically ventilated patients with COVID-19 acute respiratory distress syndrome is associated with decreased pulmonary shunt fraction: a prospective multicenter study. Harbut P, Campoccia Jalde F, Dahlberg M, ..., Skalec T, Günther M Eur J Med Res 28 (1) 597 2023-12-16 2023-12-16
Quality midwifery care during the COVID-19 pandemic in Bangladesh: A focus group study with midwives, nurses, and midwifery educators. Pappu NI, Holmedahl J, Gudjonsdottir S, Erlandsson K, Byrskog U Eur J Midwifery 7 (-) 41 2023-12-15 2023-12-15
Influenza-A mediated pre-existing immunity levels to SARS-CoV-2 could predict early COVID-19 outbreak dynamics. Almazán NM, Rahbar A, Carlsson M, ..., Sörensen B, Söderberg-Nauclér C iScience 26 (12) 108441 2023-12-15 2023-11-14
Anxiety, Depression and Quality of Life in Relation to SARS-CoV-2 Antibodies in Individuals Living with Diabetes During the Second Wave of COVID-19. Alexander L, Yang C, Hugo H, ..., Jeanette W, Johan J Diabet Epidemiol Manag 13 (-) - 2023-12-15 2023-12-15
"Returning to the core tasks": a qualitative interview study about how general practitioners in home health care solved problems during the COVID-19 pandemic. Wachtler C, Bergqvist M, Holmgren K, ..., Bastholm-Rahmner P, Schmidt-Mende K Scand J Prim Health Care - (-) 1-10 2023-12-14 2023-12-14
COVID-19- related work, managerial factors and exhaustion among general practitioners in Sweden: a cross-sectional study. Månsson Sandberg H, Landstad BJ, Tjulin Å, Brulin E BMC Prim Care 24 (1) 269 2023-12-13 2023-12-13
A case for ongoing structural support to maximise infectious disease modelling efficiency for future public health emergencies: A modelling perspective. Le Rutte EA, Shattock AJ, Zhao C, ..., Van Boeckel TP, Penny MA Epidemics 46 (-) 100734 2023-12-13 2023-12-13
Undervalued essential work and lacking health literacy as determinants of COVID-19 infection risks: a qualitative interview study among foreign-born workers in Sweden. Söderberg M, Magnusson M, Swaid J, Jakobsson K, Rosengren A BMJ Open 13 (12) e069838 2023-12-12 2023-12-12
The use of the evidence-based practice process by experienced registered nurses to inform and transform clinical practice during the COVID-19 pandemic: A longitudinal national cohort study. Rudman A, Boström A, Wallin L, Gustavsson P, Ehrenberg A Worldviews Evid Based Nurs - (-) - 2023-12-12 2023-12-12
Cervical cancer screening improvements with self-sampling during the COVID-19 pandemic. Elfström M, Gray PG, Dillner J Elife 12 (-) - 2023-12-12 2023-12-12
Figuring Out Life After Covid-19: a Qualitative Study From Sweden. Larsson AC, Törnbom K, Sunnerhagen KS, Palstam A, Persson HC J Rehabil Med 55 (-) jrm11931 2023-12-11 2023-12-11
Dramatic Differences between the Structural Susceptibility of the S1 Pre- and S2 Postfusion States of the SARS-CoV-2 Spike Protein to External Electric Fields Revealed by Molecular Dynamics Simulations. Lipskij A, Arbeitman C, Rojas P, Ojeda-May P, Garcia ME Viruses 15 (12) - 2023-12-11 2023-12-11
Neuroimmune activation and increased brain aging in chronic pain patients after the COVID-19 pandemic onset. Brusaferri L, Alshelh Z, Schnieders JH, ..., Hadjikhani N, Loggia ML Brain Behav Immun 116 (-) 259-266 2023-12-09 2023-12-09
"Being prevented from providing good care: a conceptual analysis of moral stress among health care workers during the COVID-19 pandemic". Gustavsson ME, von Schreeb J, Arnberg FK, Juth N BMC Med Ethics 24 (1) 110 2023-12-09 2023-12-09
SARS-CoV-2 vaccination enhances the effector qualities of spike-specific T cells induced by COVID-19. Cai C, Gao Y, Adamo S, ..., Aleman S, Buggert M Sci Immunol 8 (90) eadh0687 2023-12-08 2023-12-08
Optimizing Signal Management in a Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System: A Proof-of-Concept with COVID-19 Vaccines Using Signs, Symptoms, and Natural Language Processing. Dong G, Bate A, Haguinet F, ..., Hviid A, Sessa M Drug Saf - (-) - 2023-12-07 2023-12-07
Neutralisation activity of mucosal IgA against XBB sublineages and BA.2.86. Zuo F, Cao Y, Sun R, ..., Marcotte H, Pan-Hammarström Q Lancet Infect Dis - (-) - 2023-12-07 2023-12-07
Machine learning-driven development of a disease risk score for COVID-19 hospitalization and mortality: a Swedish and Norwegian register-based study. Shakibfar S, Zhao J, Li H, ..., Andersen M, Sessa M Front Public Health 11 (-) 1258840 2023-12-07 2023-12-07
Global perspectives of the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on learning science in higher education. Salehi S, Ballen CJ, Bolander Laksov K, ..., Tzioumis V, Wieman C PLoS One 18 (12) e0294821 2023-12-07 2023-12-07
Diversity of symptom phenotypes in SARS-CoV-2 community infections observed in multiple large datasets. Fyles M, Vihta K, Sudre CH, ..., Fearon E, House T Sci Rep 13 (1) 21705 2023-12-07 2023-12-07
COVID-19 Vaccination-Related Delayed Adverse Events among Patients with Systemic Lupus Erythematosus. Dey M, Doskaliuk B, Lindblom J, ..., Gupta L, Parodis I J Clin Med 12 (24) - 2023-12-07 2023-12-07
Predicting the next pandemic: VACCELERATE ranking of the WorldHealth Organization's Blueprint forAction toPreventEpidemics. Salmanton-García J, Wipfler P, Leckler J, ..., Cornely OA, VACCELERATE Consortium Travel Med Infect Dis 57 (-) 102676 2023-12-06 2023-12-06
Being an older hospitalized patient during the COVID-19 pandemic - A qualitative interview study. Östlund A, Högnelid J, Olsson A BMC Geriatr 23 (1) 810 2023-12-05 2023-12-05
Survival in multiple myeloma and SARS-COV-2 infection through the COVID-19 pandemic: Results from the epicovideha registry. Musto P, Salmanton-García J, Sgherza N, ..., Cornely OA, Pagano L Hematol Oncol - (-) - 2023-12-04 2023-12-04
Infectivity of exhaled SARS-CoV-2 aerosols is sufficient to transmit covid-19 within minutes. Alsved M, Nyström K, Thuresson S, ..., Medstrand P, Löndahl J Sci Rep 13 (1) 21245 2023-12-01 2023-12-01
Hand and Oral Hygiene Practices of South Korean Adolescents Before and During the COVID-19 Pandemic. Oh J, Lee M, Lee H, ..., Woo HG, Yon DK JAMA Netw Open 6 (12) e2349249 2023-12-01 2023-12-01
The influence of the Covid-19 pandemic on municipal meeting places arranging group exercise for older persons. Dinse D, Haak M, Nilsson M, Karlsson S, Olsson Möller U Int J Qual Stud Health Well-being 18 (1) 2235130 2023-12-00 2023-07-27
The experiences of patients ill with COVID-19-like symptoms and the role of testing for SARS-CoV-2 in supporting them: A qualitative study in eight European countries during the first wave of the pandemic. Hoste ME, Wanat M, Gobat N, ..., Tonkin-Crine S, Anthierens S Eur J Gen Pract 29 (2) 2212904 2023-12-00 2023-05-30
The distorted memories of patients treated in the intensive care unit during the COVID-19 pandemic: A qualitative study. Vogel G, Forinder U, Sandgren A, Svensen C, Joelsson-Alm E Intensive Crit Care Nurs 79 (-) 103522 2023-12-00 2023-08-18
The association of insomnia with long COVID: An international collaborative study (ICOSS-II). Chen S, Morin CM, Ivers H, ..., Benedict C, Bjorvatn B Sleep Med 112 (-) 216-222 2023-12-00 2023-10-24
Tailored internet-based psychological treatment for psychological problems during the COVID-19 pandemic: A randomized controlled trial. Aminoff V, Bobeck J, Hjort S, ..., Berg M, Andersson G Internet Interv 34 (-) 100662 2023-12-00 2023-08-25
Public health restrictions, directives, and measures in Arctic countries in the first year of the COVID-19 pandemic. Peterson M, Akearok GH, Cueva K, ..., Ophus E, Stoor JPA Int J Circumpolar Health 82 (1) 2271211 2023-12-00 2023-10-29
Prevalence and factors associated with healthcare avoidance during the COVID-19 pandemic among the Sámi in Sweden: the SámiHET study. Dresse MT, Stoor JP, San Sebastian M, Nilsson LM Int J Circumpolar Health 82 (1) 2213909 2023-12-00 2023-05-22
Preliminary Findings on Cognitive Dysfunction in University-Educated Patients After Mild COVID-19 Disease. Stenberg J, Hedström S, Markovic G, ..., Löfgren M, Möller MC Arch Rehabil Res Clin Transl 5 (4) 100294 2023-12-00 2023-09-28
Multimodal fine-tuning of clinical language models for predicting COVID-19 outcomes. Henriksson A, Pawar Y, Hedberg P, Nauclér P Artif Intell Med 146 (-) 102695 2023-12-00 2023-10-31
Low-intensity online mindfulness-based intervention for university students with anxiety during the COVID-19 pandemic-A randomized controlled trial with 3-month follow-up. Young DK, Carlbring P, Ng PY, ..., Chen JQ, Ng S Internet Interv 34 (-) 100665 2023-12-00 2023-09-11
Impact of COVID-19 on immunocompromised populations during the Omicron era: insights from the observational population-based INFORM study. Evans RA, Dube S, Lu Y, ..., Taylor S, Quint JK Lancet Reg Health Eur 35 (-) 100747 2023-12-00 2023-10-13
GLD-SAIPAR Covid-19 survey in Zambia dataset. Metheney EA, Lust E Data Brief 51 (-) 109735 2023-12-00 2023-10-26
Clinical characteristics and novel mutations of omicron subvariant XBB in Tamil Nadu, India - a cohort study. Selvavinayagam ST, Karishma SJ, Hemashree K, ..., Shankar EM, Raju S Lancet Reg Health Southeast Asia 19 (-) 100272 2023-12-00 2023-09-04
COVID-19 illness severity and 2-year prevalence of physical symptoms: an observational study in Iceland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark. Shen Q, Joyce EE, Ebrahimi OV, ..., Fang F, Valdimarsdóttir UA Lancet Reg Health Eur 35 (-) 100756 2023-12-00 2023-10-27
Budget impact of oral nirmatrelvir/ritonavir in adults at high risk for progression to severe COVID-19 in the United States. Sandin R, Veenstra DL, Vankelegom M, ..., Wiemken TL, Mugwagwa T J Manag Care Spec Pharm 29 (12) 1290-1302 2023-12-00 2023-12-07
Adolescents' and young people's experiences of social relationships and health concerns during COVID-19. Sundler AJ, Bergnehr D, Haffejee S, ..., Twamley K, Darcy L Int J Qual Stud Health Well-being 18 (1) 2251236 2023-12-00 2023-08-28
A survey of pharmacists' perception of the work environment and patient safety in community pharmacies during the COVID-19 pandemic. Ljungberg Persson C, Nordén Hägg A, Södergård B Explor Res Clin Soc Pharm 12 (-) 100327 2023-12-00 2023-09-04
"Who is Anders Tegnell?" Unanswered questions hamper COVID-19 vaccine uptake: A qualitative study among ethnic minorities in Sweden. Herzig van Wees S, Stålgren M, Viberg N, ..., Ekström AM, Larsson EC Vaccine 41 (49) 7476-7481 2023-11-30 2023-11-11
Vagus nerve SARS-CoV-2 infection and inflammatory reflex dysfunction: Is there a causal relationship? Andersson U, Tracey KJ J Intern Med - (-) - 2023-11-29 2023-11-29
Sex Differences in Serious Adverse Events Reported Following Booster Doses of COVID-19 Vaccination in Thailand: A Countrywide Nested Unmatched Case-Control Study. Janekrongtham C, Salazar M, Doung-Ngern P Vaccines 11 (12) - 2023-11-28 2023-11-28
SARS-CoV-2 variant-specific differences in inhibiting the effects of the PKR-activated integrated stress response. Christ W, Klingström J, Tynell J Virus Res 339 (-) 199271 2023-11-28 2023-11-28
Clarity and adaptability of instructions preventing the spread of the COVID-19 virus and its association with individual and organisational factors regarding the psychosocial work environment: a cross-sectional study. Hammar LM, Alam M, Eklund C, Boström A, Lövenmark A BMC Health Serv Res 23 (1) 1312 2023-11-28 2023-11-28
Associations between changes in habitual sleep duration and lower self-rated health among COVID-19 survivors: findings from a survey across 16 countries/regions. Matsui K, Chung F, Bjelajac AK, ..., Partinen M, Inoue Y BMC Public Health 23 (1) 2352 2023-11-28 2023-11-28
Sociodemographic characteristics and COVID-19 testing rates: spatiotemporal patterns and impact of test accessibility in Sweden. Kennedy B, Varotsis G, Hammar U, ..., Björk J, Fall T Eur J Public Health - (-) - 2023-11-27 2023-11-27
Quartz Crystal Microbalance Platform for SARS-CoV-2 Immuno-Diagnostics. Nilsson PH, Al-Majdoub M, Ibrahim A, ..., Rydén I, Nicholls IA Int J Mol Sci 24 (23) - 2023-11-24 2023-11-24
Recognition of COVID-19 with occupational origin: a comparison between European countries. Nys E, Pauwels S, Ádám B, ..., Straif K, Godderis L Occup Environ Med 80 (12) 694-701 2023-11-23 2023-11-23
The Association Between Tobacco Use and Risk of COVID-19 Infection and Clinical Outcomes in Sweden: A Population-Based Study. Shaaban AN, Andersson F, Peña S, ..., Hergens MP, Galanti MR Int J Public Health 68 (-) 1606175 2023-11-22 2023-11-22
Covid-19 vaccine effectiveness against post-covid-19 condition among 589 722 individuals in Sweden: population based cohort study. Lundberg-Morris L, Leach S, Xu Y, ..., Nyberg F, Bygdell M BMJ 383 (-) e076990 2023-11-22 2023-11-22
SARS-CoV-2 antibodies from children exhibit broad neutralization and belong to adult public clonotypes. Wall SC, Suryadevara N, Kim C, ..., Carnahan RH, Georgiev IS Cell Rep Med 4 (11) 101267 2023-11-21 2023-11-06
Prolonged gastrointestinal manifestations after recovery from COVID-19. Elmunzer BJ, Palsson OS, Forbes N, ..., Rome Foundation Research Institute , North American Alliance for the Study of Digestive Manifestations of COVID-19 Clin Gastroenterol Hepatol - (-) - 2023-11-21 2023-11-21
Polymethoxyflavone from Citrus depressa as an inhibitor against various variants of SARS-CoV-2 spike protein. Liu T, Hsu S, Hsieh YSY, Liu H, Lee C J Ethnopharmacol 320 (-) 117412 2023-11-21 2023-11-21
FAIR+E pathogen data for surveillance and research: lessons from COVID-19. Neves A, Cuesta I, Hjerde E, ..., Waheed Z, Blomberg N Front Public Health 11 (-) 1289945 2023-11-21 2023-11-21
Social interactions and COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy: Evidence from a full population study in Sweden. Klaesson J, Lobo J, Mellander C PLoS One 18 (11) e0289309 2023-11-20 2023-11-20
Development of a proteomic signature associated with severe disease for patients with COVID-19 using data from 5 multicenter, randomized, controlled, and prospective studies. Castro-Pearson S, Samorodnitsky S, Yang K, ..., Safo SE, Tignanelli CJ Sci Rep 13 (1) 20315 2023-11-20 2023-11-20
Psychological Health Among Older Adults During and After Quarantine: A Multi-Method Study. Durante A, Klompstra L, Cezón-Serrano N, ..., Querol-Giner F, Marques-Sule E West J Nurs Res - (-) 1939459231214603 2023-11-19 2023-11-19
Dysregulations in hemostasis, metabolism, immune response, and angiogenesis in post-acute COVID-19 syndrome with and without postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome: a multi-omic profiling study. Mahdi A, Zhao A, Fredengren E, ..., Pernow J, Ståhlberg M Sci Rep 13 (1) 20230 2023-11-19 2023-11-19
Outdoor recreation, tick borne encephalitis incidence and seasonality in Finland, Norway and Sweden during the COVID-19 pandemic (2020/2021). Jore S, Viljugrein H, Hjertqvist M, Dub T, Mäkelä H Infect Ecol Epidemiol 13 (1) 2281055 2023-11-18 2023-11-18
A Systematic Review of Assessment Methods for Seafarers' Mental Health and Well-Being During the COVID-19 Pandemic. Carrera-Arce M, Baumler R, Hollander J Inquiry 60 (-) 469580231212218 2023-11-17 2023-11-17
The mortality of COVID-19 in CML patients from 2020 until 2022: results from the EPICOVIDEHA survey. El-Ashwah S, Salmanton-García J, Bilgin YM, ..., Cornely OA, Pagano L Leuk Lymphoma - (-) 1-10 2023-11-15 2023-11-15
Compassion fatigue and compassion satisfaction in pediatric and neonatal care nurses during the COVID-19 pandemic in Sweden. Blixt C, Johansson E, Forsner M, Angelhoff C J Pediatr Nurs - (-) - 2023-11-15 2023-11-15
Inequality and COVID-19 in Sweden: Relative risks of nine bad life events, by four social gradients, in pandemic vs. prepandemic years. Altmejd A, Östergren O, Björkegren E, Persson T Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 120 (46) e2303640120 2023-11-14 2023-11-09
Full-spike deep mutational scanning helps predict the evolutionary success of SARS-CoV-2 clades Dadonaite B, Brown J, McMahon TE, ..., Veesler D, Bloom JD - - (-) - 2023-11-14 2023-11-14
Effect of COVID-19 on Bronchiectasis Exacerbation Rates: A Retrospective US Insurance Claims Study. Åstrand A, Kiddle SJ, Siva Ganesh Mudedla R, ..., Chalmers JD, Psallidas I Ann Am Thorac Soc - (-) - 2023-11-14 2023-11-14
Early mobilisation in critically ill COVID-19 patients: a subanalysis of the ESICM-initiated UNITE-COVID observational study. Kloss P, Lindholz M, Milnik A, ..., Schaller SJ, ESICM UNITE COVID Investigators Ann Intensive Care 13 (1) 112 2023-11-14 2023-11-14
Australian adults cooked more and tried new recipes during COVID-19 restrictions and lockdowns. Margerison C, Aydin G, Larsson C, ..., Worsley A, Nanayakkara J Appetite 193 (-) 107122 2023-11-14 2023-11-14
In their absence; intensive care nurses' experiences of communicating and supporting relatives from a distance. Conte H, Dorell Å, Wedin E, Eckerblad J BMC Nurs 22 (1) 421 2023-11-10 2023-11-10
Absenteeism Costs Due to COVID-19 and Their Predictors in Non-Hospitalized Patients in Sweden: A Poisson Regression Analysis. Kisiel MA, Lee S, Janols H, Faramarzi A Int J Environ Res Public Health 20 (22) - 2023-11-10 2023-11-10
The Validity of the ROX Index and APACHE II in Predicting Early, Late, and Non-Responses to Non-Invasive Ventilation in Patients with COVID-19 in a Low-Resource Setting. Arunachala S, Parthasarathi A, Basavaraj CK, ..., Upadhyay S, Mahesh PA Viruses 15 (11) - 2023-11-08 2023-11-08
Research on transportation management model of COVID-19 medical waste: a case study in Beijing, China. Liu H, Yao Z, Meijer S Environ Sci Pollut Res Int - (-) - 2023-11-08 2023-11-08
Global impacts of COVID-19 pandemic on sexual and reproductive health services: An international comparative study on primary care from the INTRePID Consortium. Peng K, Tu K, Li Z, ..., Ng APP, Wong WC BJOG - (-) - 2023-11-07 2023-11-07
Systematic review of seroprevalence of SARS-CoV-2 antibodies and appraisal of evidence, prior to the widespread introduction of vaccine programmes in the WHO European Region, January-December 2020. Vaughan A, Duffell E, Freidl GS, ..., Pebody R, Keramarou M BMJ Open 13 (11) e064240 2023-11-06 2023-11-06
Clinical outcomes during and beyond different COVID-19 critical illness variant periods compared with other lower respiratory tract infections. Hedberg P, Baltzer N, Granath F, ..., Mårtensson J, Nauclér P Crit Care 27 (1) 427 2023-11-06 2023-11-06
COVID-19 and mental health in the UK: Depression, anxiety and insomnia and their associations with persistent physical symptoms and risk and vulnerability factors. Yu L, McCracken LM Br J Clin Psychol - (-) - 2023-11-06 2023-11-06
Association of maternal SARS-CoV-2 infection at the time of admission for delivery with labor process and outcomes of vaginal birth: A cohort study. Chen A, Acharya G, Hu M, ..., Jiang L, Ni Q Acta Obstet Gynecol Scand - (-) - 2023-11-05 2023-11-05
Psychosocial work environment and mental health among the global workforce of seafarers in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. Hayes-Mejia R, Stafström M BMC Public Health 23 (1) 2151 2023-11-03 2023-11-03
Mortality in Norway and Sweden during the COVID-19 pandemic 2020-22: A comparative study. Zahl P, Hemström Ö, Johansen R, Mamelund S J Infect Public Health - (-) - 2023-11-03 2023-11-03
Nosocomial SARS-CoV-2 Infections and Mortality During Unique COVID-19 Epidemic Waves. Dave N, Sjöholm D, Hedberg P, ..., van der Werff SD, Nauclér P JAMA Netw Open 6 (11) e2341936 2023-11-01 2023-11-01
Loneliness Trajectories, Associated Factors and Subsequent Health in Children and Young People During the COVID-19 Pandemic: A National Matched Cohort Study. Schneider V, Norris T, Nugawela M, ..., Pinto Pereira SM, CLoCk Consortium members Psychol Res Behav Manag 16 (-) 4461-4477 2023-11-01 2023-11-01
Genetic Predisposition to Elevated Levels of Circulating ADAM17 Is Associated with the Risk of Severe COVID-19. Pan M, Goncalves I, Edsfeldt A, Sun J, Swärd P Int J Mol Sci 24 (21) - 2023-11-01 2023-11-01
Ex vivo challenge models for infectious diseases. Gordhan BG, Liebenberg D, Scarlatti G, ..., Fox J, Kana BD Crit Rev Microbiol - (-) 1-20 2023-11-01 2023-11-01
Vaccine effectiveness against COVID-19 hospitalisation in adults (≥ 20 years) during Omicron-dominant circulation: I-MOVE-COVID-19 and VEBIS SARI VE networks, Europe, 2021 to 2022. Rose AM, Nicolay N, Sandonis Martín V, ..., VEBIS hospital study team , Members of the I-MOVE-COVID-19 and VEBIS hospital study teams (in addition to authors above) Euro Surveill 28 (47) - 2023-11-00 2023-11-24
Vaccine effectiveness against COVID-19 hospitalisation in adults (≥ 20 years) during Alpha- and Delta-dominant circulation: I-MOVE-COVID-19 and VEBIS SARI VE networks, Europe, 2021. Rose AM, Nicolay N, Sandonis Martín V, ..., VEBIS hospital study team , Members of the I-MOVE-COVID-19 and VEBIS hospital study teams (in addition to the named authors) Euro Surveill 28 (47) - 2023-11-00 2023-11-24
Sensitivity of the SARS-CoV-2 BA.2.86 variant to prevailing neutralising antibody responses. Sheward DJ, Yang Y, Westerberg M, ..., Albert J, Murrell B Lancet Infect Dis 23 (11) e462-e463 2023-11-00 2023-09-27
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