Type 1 diabetes, COVID-19 vaccines and short-term safety: Subgroup analysis from the global COVAD study.

Chatterjee T, Ravichandran N, Nair N, Gracia-Ramos AE, Barman B, Sen P, Joshi M, Saha S, Nune A, Pande AKR, Velikova T, Parodis I, Tan AL, Shinjo SK, Boro H, Agarwal V, Aggarwal R, Gupta L, COVAD Study Group

J Diabetes Investig - (-) - [2023-09-11; online 2023-09-11]

Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) vaccinations have been proven to be generally safe in healthy populations. However, the data on vaccine safety in patients with type 1 diabetes are scarce. This study aimed to evaluate the frequency and severity of short-term (<7-day) adverse vaccination events (AEs) and their risk factors among type 1 diabetes patients. This study analyzed data from the COVID-19 vaccination in Autoimmune Diseases (COVAD) survey database (May to December 2021; 110 collaborators, 94 countries), comparing <7-day COVID-19 vaccine AE among type 1 diabetes patients and healthy controls (HCs). Descriptive statistics; propensity score matching (1:4) using the variables age, sex and ethnicity; and multivariate analyses were carried out. This study analyzed 5,480 completed survey responses. Of all responses, 5,408 were HCs, 72 were type 1 diabetes patients (43 females, 48.0% white European ancestry) and Pfizer was the most administered vaccine (39%). A total of 4,052 (73.9%) respondents had received two vaccine doses. Patients with type 1 diabetes had a comparable risk of injection site pain, minor and major vaccine AEs, as well as associated hospitalizations to HCs. However, type 1 diabetes patients had a higher risk of severe rashes (3% vs 0.4%, OR 8.0, 95% confidence interval 1.7-36), P = 0.007), although reassuringly, these were rare (n = 2 among type 1 diabetes patients). COVID-19 vaccination was safe and well tolerated in patients with type 1 diabetes with similar AE profiles compared with HCs, although severe rashes were more common in type 1 diabetes patients.

Category: Health

Category: Vaccines

Type: Journal article

PubMed 37697820

DOI 10.1111/jdi.14079

Crossref 10.1111/jdi.14079

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