The role of primary health care in long-term care facilities during the COVID-19 pandemic in 30 European countries: a retrospective descriptive study (Eurodata study).

Guisado-Clavero M, Ares-Blanco S, Serafini A, Del Rio LR, Larrondo IG, Fitzgerald L, Vinker S, van Pottebergh G, Valtonen K, Vaes B, Yilmaz CT, Torzsa P, Tilli P, Sentker T, Seifert B, Saurek-Aleksandrovska N, Sattler M, Petricek G, Petrazzuoli F, Petek D, Perjés Á, López NP, Neves AL, Murauskienė L, Lingner H, Nessler K, Heleno B, Krztoń-Królewiecka A, Kostić M, Korkmaz BÇ, Knežević S, Kirkovski A, Karathanos VT, Jandrić-Kočić M, Ivanna S, Ільков О, Hoffmann K, Hanževački M, Gómez-Johansson M, Gjorgjievski D, Domeyer PJ, Peña MD, Divjak AĆ, Busneag I, Brutskaya-Stempkovskaya E, Bayen S, Bakola M, Adler L, Assenova R, Astier-Peña MP, Gómez Bravo R

Prim Health Care Res Dev 24 (-) e60 [2023-10-24; online 2023-10-24]

Primary health care (PHC) supported long-term care facilities (LTCFs) in attending COVID-19 patients. The aim of this study is to describe the role of PHC in LTCFs in Europe during the early phase of the pandemic. Retrospective descriptive study from 30 European countries using data from September 2020 collected with an ad hoc semi-structured questionnaire. Related variables are SARS-CoV-2 testing, contact tracing, follow-up, additional testing, and patient care. Twenty-six out of the 30 European countries had PHC involvement in LTCFs during the COVID-19 pandemic. PHC participated in initial medical care in 22 countries, while, in 15, PHC was responsible for SARS-CoV-2 test along with other institutions. Supervision of individuals in isolation was carried out mostly by LTCF staff, but physical examination or symptom's follow-up was performed mainly by PHC. PHC has participated in COVID-19 pandemic assistance in LTCFs in coordination with LTCF staff, public health officers, and hospitals.

Category: Health

Category: Public Health

Type: Journal article

PubMed 37873623

DOI 10.1017/S1463423623000312

Crossref 10.1017/S1463423623000312

pmc: PMC10594530
pii: S1463423623000312

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