Multi-professional Neurorehabilitation after Covid-19 Infection Should Include Assessment of Visual Function: Visual function after Covid-19 infection.

Johansson J, Levi R, Jakobsson M, Gunnarsson S, Samuelsson K

Arch Rehabil Res Clin Transl - (-) 100184 [2022-01-31; online 2022-01-31]

To report vision-related symptoms and neuro-visual clinical signs in patients approximately 4 months after discharge from hospitalization after Covid-19 infection. To report on co-existing functional and activity limitations. The study is part of an ambi-directional population-based cohort study. An outpatient setting in a hospital environment. Patients from a population-based cohort study including all laboratory-confirmed cases of Covid-19 admitted to hospital during a 3-month period in a health care region in Sweden. Among patients who, based on a standardized telephone interview, were identified as having persisting rehabilitation needs 4 months after discharge (n=185), several (n=57) reported vision-related symptoms. All 57 patients were invited to a neuro-visual examination. Six patients declined, six were unavailable and three did not fulfil the inclusion criteria. Thus 42 patients were included in the analysis. Not applicable. Vision-related symptoms, neuro-visual function, and co-existing impairments affecting activities of daily life and participation. Thirty-one percent of patients with rehabilitation needs after Covid-19 reported vision-related symptoms. Reading-related issues (73.8%), blurry vision (69.0%), and light sensitivity (66.7%) were the most common symptoms. Patients with reading-related issues showed a higher level of eye strain (p<0.001). Neuro-visual deficits were found in 83.3% of the patients, mainly concerning eye teaming (23.1%-66.7%) and eye movement (28.6%-30.8%) functions. Patients with vision-related symptoms reported fatigue and 18 other co-existing symptoms to a greater extent (p≤0.0001 to 0.049). Neuro-visual symptoms and signs should be considered when assessing rehabilitation needs after Covid-19. The association between vision-related issues and co-existing symptoms with an impact on body function and activity/participation underlines the need for multi-professional rehabilitation assessment and intervention.

Category: Health

Type: Journal article

PubMed 35128374

DOI 10.1016/j.arrct.2022.100184

Crossref 10.1016/j.arrct.2022.100184

pii: S2590-1095(22)00007-6
pmc: PMC8802546

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