COVID-19: Opportunities for interdisciplinary research to improve care for older people in Sweden.

Baxter R, Jemberie WB, Li X, Naseer M, Pauelsen M, Shebehe J, Viklund EWE, Xia X, Zulka LE, Badache A

Scand J Public Health 49 (1) 29-32 [2021-02-00; online 2020-11-08]

The emergence of COVID-19 has changed the world as we know it, arguably none more so than for older people. In Sweden, the majority of COVID-19-related fatalities have been among people aged ⩾70 years, many of whom were receiving health and social care services. The pandemic has illuminated aspects within the care continuum requiring evaluative research, such as decision-making processes, the structure and organisation of care, and interventions within the complex public-health system. This short communication highlights several key areas for future interdisciplinary and multi-sectorial collaboration to improve health and social care services in Sweden. It also underlines that a valid, reliable and experiential evidence base is the sine qua non for evaluative research and effective public-health systems.

Category: Public Health

Type: Journal article

PubMed 33161880

DOI 10.1177/1403494820969544

Crossref 10.1177/1403494820969544

pmc: PMC7859561

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