Diagnostics and management of tuberculosis and COVID-19 in a patient with pneumothorax (clinical case).

Starshinova A, Guglielmetti L, Rzhepishevska O, Ekaterincheva O, Zinchenko Y, Kudlay D

J Clin Tuberc Other Mycobact Dis 24 (-) 100259 [2021-08-00; online 2021-07-01]

The spread of COVID-19 in countries with high and medium incidence of tuberculosis has led to an increased risk of COVID-19 and tuberculosis co-infection, introducing new diagnostic and therapeutic challenges for the clinician. Hereby we describe a first case where tuberculosis and COVID-19 were diagnosed concomitantly in a Russian patient with pneumothorax. We discuss the challenges associated with the diagnosis and treatment of tuberculosis during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Category: Health

Type: Journal article

PubMed 34235277

DOI 10.1016/j.jctube.2021.100259

Crossref 10.1016/j.jctube.2021.100259

pii: S2405-5794(21)00048-6
pmc: PMC8245665

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