Spanish telemedicine data on 8 children support concept of ‘long covid’ in children

Ludvigsson JF

Acta Paediatr 110 (7) 2284-2284 [2021-07-00; online 2021-04-20]

I would like to thank Drs López, Grasa, Calvo and López-Hortelano for their informative letter (1) where they comment on my recent paper about five children with suggested long covid (2), but also draw our attention to their Spanish-language paper on Telemedicine follow-ups for COVID-19 (3). Of note their letter in Acta Paediatrica (1) confirms that long covid often occurs in pre-adolescent and adolescent children.

Category: Post-COVID

Type: Other

PubMed 33834529

DOI 10.1111/apa.15869

Crossref 10.1111/apa.15869

Publications 9.5.0