What do people hospitalised with COVID-19 think about their care? Results of a satisfaction survey during the first wave of COVID-19 in Liverpool.

Wu MS, Watson R, Hayat F, Ratcliffe L, Beadsworth MB, McKenna M, Corney D, Plum C, Macfarlane JL, Matareed M, Butt S, Gupta S, Hine P, Defres S, Wingfield T

Future Healthc J 8 (1) e70-e75 [2021-03-00; online 2021-04-02]

Despite huge advances in vaccines, testing and treatments for COVID-19, there is negligible evidence on the perceptions of people hospitalised with COVID-19 about the care they received. To address this, we developed a satisfaction survey for people with COVID-19 admitted to our hospital during the first COVID-19 wave in Liverpool. Of those invited, 98/160 (61%) responded, of whom 94/98 (96%) completed the survey. Respondents rated overall care highly (mean 4.7/5) and 89/94 (95%) reported that they would recommend the hospital to friends and/or family. Most respondents felt safe on the ward (94%), with privacy maintained (93%) and pain well managed (90%). Fewer than two-thirds (63%) of respondents considered themselves adequately consulted regarding medications and side effects. Sleep and food/drink quality were also highlighted as areas for improvement. To overcome the issues raised, we generated a 'COVID-19 practice pointers' poster within an integrated educational bundle on COVID-19 wards. The impact of the bundle on perceptions of people hospitalised with COVID-19 will be evaluated in people hospitalised with COVID-19 in Liverpool in 2021. Whether hospitalised for COVID-19 or other conditions, our survey results are a timely reminder of the importance of involving patients in shaping the care that they receive.

Category: Public Health

Type: Journal article

PubMed 33791480

DOI 10.7861/fhj.2020-0260

Crossref 10.7861/fhj.2020-0260

pii: futurehealth
pmc: PMC8004304

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