COVID-19 and Its Triangle Effects on Human's Well-Being: a Qualitative Research Method Used to Collect Appropriate Data.

Fatahi N, Kakamad K, Babakr Z, Tafran K, Økland Ø

Acta Inform Med 29 (3) 197-204 [2021-09-00; online 2021-11-12]

The health-related challenges caused by the virus and the implications of the policies implemented to fight against it further cause psychological and socio-economic consequences that could threaten the well-being of the people. This study has been carried out to identify people's psychosoical reactions toward COVID-19. Semi-structured interviews as a qualitative research method were used to collect data from 20 people across three countries, and content analysis was applied to interpret the data. Overall, the results indicated that COVID-19 has had negative consequences on psychological well-being of the general population. COVID-19 has forced people to maintain social distance and has led to family conflicts in some families. Moreover, COVID-19 has caused loss of jobs and mental health problems. COVID-19 has affected people's daily life and a significant influence on individuals and society. This research demonstrates some of the ramifications in terms of psychological well-being of the general population. One of the most important findings is the importance of social life and meeting people in person, not just online. The current pandemic is influencing people's psychological well-being in a variety of ways.

Category: Social Science & Humanities

Type: Journal article

PubMed 34759460

DOI 10.5455/aim.2021.29.197-204

Crossref 10.5455/aim.2021.29.197-204

pii: AIM-29-197
pmc: PMC8563050

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