The one-sided explanations of a multifactorial coronavirus disease.

Rosén M, Stenbeck D, Stenbeck M

Scand J Public Health - (-) 14034948211026540 [2021-07-09; online 2021-07-09]

Short-term interventions to suppress COVID-19 completely dominate the public, political and even the professional discussion on what explains observed differences in mortality and morbidity across countries. This leads to an exaggerated view of what such measures can accomplish. Factors such as housing and social conditions as well as travel patterns are equally important but neglected aspects of the COVID-19 development. A multifactorial disease needs a multivariate analytical approach.

Type: Other

PubMed 34240648

DOI 10.1177/14034948211026540

Crossref 10.1177/14034948211026540

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